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Marketing and Sales Agency + Education for online service providers & educators

We specialize in crafting powerful marketing and sales strategies that skyrocket your revenue and drive exponential growth.

Our focus is helping businesses 2-5X their results through organic social media marketing, cross-platform traffic, and content planning infused with sales psychology to maximize impact and income!


Within you lies the power to transform dreams into tangible reality and create an awe-inspiring impact.


We're not your average marketing agency + coaching hub. Since 2019, we've been the driving force behind hundreds of entrepreneurs exploding their online brands, income, and impact.

Revolutionize Your Online Marketing + Sales Approach to 2-5X your results and impact!

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Mary | Life Coach, Author, Founder

She was absolutely wonderful to work with, always bringing a positive can-do spirit to every meeting we had. Her commitment to success is unwavering. I'm deeply grateful for Tirzah's contribution, and I give her my full recommendation. I know that she will bring great value to any client or company who chooses to work with her."

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"Tirzah helped us have one of the highest revenue generating years we've ever had at Brave Thinking Institute

Echo | Business Coach

I've been working with Tirzah since July and it's safe to say that so much has changed for me since working together with her.

Once I announced that the applications were live for my new coaching program Synergy I got over 100 applications.

In just 8 days I made $8,000 and sold out my very first launch! I really thank all of this to Tirzah. 

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"If you've been thinking of working with Tirzah ... just do it!

Josiah | District Leader @ NIA Charter School

She brought great energy and enthusiasm to the team, particularly in the area of social media, which cultivated an atmosphere of ownership among the campus leaders."

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"Tirzah's marketing efforts were instrumental in helping to draw in new enrollment of almost 700 students, which resulted in a net increase of more than one million dollars in revenue. 

Nick | ThrīvSolutions Founder 

Her division was both the: 2nd largest division and #1 priority to grow. Before she started, the division had taken a back seat. This didn't align with our new priority and urgency for it. I hired Tirzah to dial up the focus, the team, the processes, & the results.
She quickly dialed up everything we were doing. She turned her division into the model - which all other divisions were asked to emulate. Tirzah demonstrated dedication to producing results that exceeded expectations."

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"If you have the opportunity to work with Tirzah,
I recommend you do it.

Jess + Doz | Wedding Photo + Video Team

It's a totally different lifestyle, a totally different trajectory, a totally different 1 year, 5 year, 10 year forecast for our life because of the time we spent in this program and the tools that you provided us. The belief you've invested in us, to say that we can do this, is invaluable. We are able to serve our clients better because of the way you have served us."

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"It's almost impossible to overstate the value of the program

Lisa | Nonprofit Founder + Coach

Tirzah's talent for visionary leadership and innovative concepts has significantly enriched our organization, Warring Dove International. Her marketing expertise tripled our outreach donations within a year and bolstered awareness of our programs. Her responsibility, creativity, and excellent work ethic, combined with her passion and honesty, brought substantial value to our team."

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"Without her expertise, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Lauren | Branding Strategist + Muralist

I promise you the investment is worth it!

Now I'm showing up every single day making money and feeling more confident in my business than ever! I have the best person to back me up who has making that all possible! "

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"After I signed up to coach with Tirzah ... I tripled my sales in 3 weeks & quit my part-time job 

John | Brave Thinking Institute CEO

She successfully coordinated high-level campaigns, executed online events, and optimized marketing funnels, resulting in significant improvements and record-breaking sales.

Tirzah's commitment to innovation and her ability to understand organizational goals allowed her to exceed expectations consistently."

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"I highly recommend Tirzah Cave as an expert marketer

Inspired by my own journey to success, where I built a 6-figure+ coaching and agency business and enjoy the freedom of a flexible schedule, I am dedicated to helping you achieve the same level of success and fulfillment.

With a background in high-level marketing management and leadership roles, I bring a wealth of expertise to support you on your entrepreneurial path. As a passionate advocate for online service providers, coaches, and educators, my goal is to help you lead businesses that are both profitable and fulfilling.

Through our comprehensive education programs and results-driven marketing services, we equip you with the tools, knowledge, and strategies necessary to elevate your brand and drive exceptional growth. From strategic marketing strategy and captivating content creation to targeted advertising and community engagement, we're here to deliver remarkable results.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together, unlocking the full potential of your business and helping you achieve the growth, freedom, and fulfillment you've always desired.

Hi, I'm Tirzah Cave

AND I'm DETERMINED to HELP you UNLOCK your POSSIBILITIEs through proven + powerful marketing + sales strategies!

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Our mission extends beyond simply generating revenue - our true foundation is grounded in making a difference

Our founder's roots are deeply embedded in the nonprofit sector and ministry work, having a profound passion for missions. But here's the interesting part - we can make a difference in missions right from the marketplace! Hence, we have committed to allocating a part of our earnings from every endeavor - be it coaching, courses, or marketing services - to nonprofits dedicated to nurturing, advocating for, equipping, and empowering women.

As your business flourishes with our marketing support and proven strategies, we all ascend together - our online communities, local communities, and the entire world. When you grow, we all grow, triggering a ripple effect of positive change!

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