The CEO Content Bundle is a content creation process that will help you save time and not only expedite your growth, but convert your community into confident BUYERS ... like you never thought possible!

 ☑️ You’re spending hours writing captions to only post and get friend-zoned or hear crickets. 

☑️ You dread batching & writing posts because you don’t know how to structure your caption or what to even write about. 

☑️ You’re constantly bingeing other industry experts content which makes you feel stuck & paralyzed with comparison. 

☑️ You’re ready to just throw in your towel, and quit … because your content just isn’t working (aka selling). 

If you're here ... let me guess. Your current content strategy looks like this:

 ☑️  Generate quality leads and attract your dream clients without spending hours coming up with ideas. 

☑️  Serve your community & stand out in your space ... so that your dream client trusts you & sends you dm's like "How can I work with you?" vs. the other way around. 

☑️ Use your content to expand your impact. I'm talking cultivating a cult-like following & a community of die-hard fans there to support & share the mission!

☑️ EXACTLY say what your dream client needs to hear from you in order to confidently click APPLY right now?

if you're ready to transform your relationship with your content marketing...
you need The CEO Content Bundle.

Imagine if you
finally knew how to ...

Are you in my head?

What's included

in the bundle

Own your content & schedule using this 6 month interactive content calendar

Craft scroll-stopping headlines and end your captions with a BANG using these high-converting CTA's 

Write gripping and binge-worthy captions that get you a TON of engagement using this proven formula!

Create a well rounded strategy by rotating through content themes!

Hit the ground running with these done for you purposeful & hyper-engaging prompts. 

6 Month Content Calendar

DFY Headlines and Calls To Actions 

The 5 & Thrive Content Themes

The CEO Content Matrix 

50 DFY Purposeful Prompts

The Proven Caption Formula

My signature video training’s +

There's a science to content. Using this Matrix we'll pull ideas out of you ... the kind that make your leads think "is she a mind reader?" 

+ Bonuses!!!

Engagement + Lead tracker

Swipe file of top performing viral content

Over 30 profitable graphic templates

Dream Client Research Workbook



You're ready to see results in as little as a couple days

You're ready to become the go-to expert

You're ready for expansive growth

You're ready for an efficient workflow

You're ready to transform your dream clients lives ... now let's have your content do the work for YOU and get them off the fence!

You're ready to save time (and stress) on your content creation process & shift your focus towards CEO money-making activities. 

Create social media posts that speak to your dream clients, position you as a thought-leader and inspire your community to take the journey with you & your biz.

Experience massive growth, lead gen, and interaction on your posts by creating save-able and share-able content - the scroll stopping kind!

The CEO Content Bundle is for you if...


Is it calling your name?

Your go-to gal for all things online business & marketing.

I serve aspiring entrepreneurs like you who are ready to make their mark in the digital world. I've been through the ups and downs of building my own business, so I get it – the struggles, the doubts, and the desire to create content that actually brings in the moolah.

Let me take you back to the beginning of my journey. Picture this: me, fresh out of a toxic corporate job, craving a change and a bagel for lunch. With a penny-sized budget and dreams the size of Mount Everest, I found myself hustling my way to success, one free WiFi spot at a time. Whole Foods became my office, their WiFi my lifeline, and that $1 bagel my daily sustenance.

But let me tell you, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. I bought into the "personal branding sells" mantra, posting personal stuff left and right, only to realize that it wasn't resonating with my audience or bringing in the sales. Cue the facepalm moment. It took some serious strategy, avatar analysis, and a whole lot of trial and error before I cracked the code.

Oh hey, I'm Tirzah

Have we met yet?

That's when the light bulb switched on, and I developed my secret weapon – the CEO Content Matrix. It's like having a digital marketing fairy godmother by your side, guiding you through the process of creating content that magnetizes your audience. No more spinning your wheels or drowning in content creation overwhelm. This bundle is about to become your new BFF – Best Friend in Funneling (profits, that is!).

Say goodbye to the content creation rat race and hello to a streamlined, stress-free process. We're going to rock your online presence, captivate your dream clients, and turn your business into a profit-generating machine. It's time to step into your role as the CEO you were destined to be and leave the content creation headaches behind.

So buckle up and get ready for a transformative journey. Together, we'll navigate the world of online business, slay the content creation game, and unleash your inner authority. You've got this, and I've got your back every step of the way. 

Let's make your business shine like a disco ball on a Saturday night – bright, bold, and ready to conquer the online world!


My signature video training’s, a 6 month content calendar, DFY headlines and call to actions, the CEO Content Matrix, the Proven Caption Formula, 50 DFY purposeful prompts, engagement + elad trackers, a swipe file of top performing viral content, 30+ profitable graphic templates, and a dream client research workbook

If you’re a photographer, planner, florist, videographer, venue, designer (brand/web/graphic), coach, hairstylist, online service provider this is for you! If you’re struggling with knowing how/what to post and market your business online, then this is for you!

This bundle is yours for forever (life-time access). It's designed to be completed at your own pace and got-to resource to use at your convenience. 

Due to the nature of this digital resource, no refunds will be given. 

There will be no additional support provided. However, please feel free to join the public Facebook Group The Herpreneur Community to pop questions into the group to network & get support from other women in business.

*Screams* Yesss!

I'm all in!