I was stressing myself to the max because my programs weren’t filling up was the name of the game at the beginning of my business. 😅 After some less-than-stellar launches and absolute EXHAUSTION, I decided it was time for a CHANGE.⁠

I searched for something that would work for me. Challenges? MEH. Webinars? NOPE. Cold outreach? HECK NO.⁠

Then it hit me: WAITLISTS!⁠

Why wait until the cart closes? Why not sell behind the scenes so my programs fill up before they even go live? Why not increase the sense of urgency for my last-minute applications?⁠

👆 A waitlist strategy gives you ALL OF THIS and MORE so you can finally relax through your live launch period because you already know half the work is done!⁠

Businesses have been using them FOREVER to build hype, get pre-validation of launches, and get paid before the launch even happens. Now it’s YOUR turn!⁠

A waitlist can help you grow your business with ease by👇⁠

➡️ Creating scarcity because your program spots will now be sold before you launch publicly (make sure your audience knows you’re preselling to get even more inquiries!)⁠

➡️ Allowing you to pre-sell. You don’t have to wait to give those on the list a bonus or access to grab their spots. Let them take action FAST to make the sale easy for you & them.⁠

➡️ Giving you leads to engage with year-round. Whether they buy now or LATER, you know have a list in your back pocket of women who raised their hands and who are prime candidates for your program!⁠

➡️ Incentivizing your leads to take action with exclusive, irresistible bonuses. 😍 These bonuses don’t always have to be discount-related, either! A great bonus could be an extra passive resource or access to a group call in the interim.⁠

💡PRO TIP: Once your program fills up or cart closes for your next passive offer, put up waitlist to collect anyone who’s getting FOMO from sitting on the fence too long.

TOP 3 Tips for Waitlist: 

  1. After a program fills up the next day, throw out a waitlist for the next round, capturing the interest of those who have FOMO and missed out joining. Update this in your social bios but also on your services/work with me page on your website!

2. In the launch off-season … as you’re sharing BTS of your program, clients wins, etc. – direct people to your waitlist. Don’t just let it sit on your site collecting dust. Make your audience aware that they can take action (months in advance) especially if your programs sell out fast let them know this and incentivize them to get on the list to get first dibs on the next round, etc. 

3. Try out a time-sensitive waitlist. Instead of just opting for the “evergreen model” meaning the list is always there to join prior to the next round. Run it like an EVENT. Let people know WHEN the waitlist will be open to join, build hype around it, and countdown till the opening. During the waitlist open period (5-10 days) send exclusive emails, tips, goodies, etc. to those on the list + include a bonus if they buy into your program/offer.

Example: Those that are on the waitlist and who buy x program between date-date will receive first dibs on X program + $200 OFF. 

NOW, who’s excited to start using waitlist’s to effortlessly fill up their programs and build HYPE around their offer?

Have questions? Head to this IGTV training here and drop your questions for free coaching from yours truly!


Your Coach Tirzah

I love helping female entrepreneurs develop + execute high-converting strategies to attract their dream clients & income so they can build a business and LIFE they love. Let’s be Insta-Friends!

TIrzah Cave Online Marketing and Sales Coach


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