The 6 Core Factors that Go Into Developing Your Luxury Brand

When it comes to building a luxury brand it isn’t just about the price or aesthetics. Although it’s something that most people assume when they think of luxury brands. 

When you think of a luxury brand, they have heritage, they have a strong story, and most importantly an emotional connection to their clientele. 

There’s a deeper motive than just price, which is why consumers are attracted to luxury brands. They’re rare, unique, and emit an emotional feeling when thought of. 

There’s 6 core differentiating factors when it comes to developing your luxury brand, which I’m going to break down below. 



Expense alone doesn’t form a luxury brand. You have to be able to offer more. Whether you’re a high ticket service provider or just getting started in your entrepreneurial journey, it’s important to know your brand’s worth. People don’t invest in services and products for the price alone — they expect more. This is where client experience and results come into play. Luxury brands know how to serve their clients and provide them with the value that is superior to the competition within the market.


Luxury is a statement of identity. The look of a luxury brand should identify it’s uniqueness and rareness. This can be identified through the visual and verbal elements including your website, logo, brand photography as well as your messaging.

Brand identification is huge in building authority and connection with your clients and audience. Investing in your brand development from the beginning is key to positioning your brand. 


It’s known that luxury products and services tend to last longer, have more impact, and are executed by top professionals. Don’t get me wrong I love shopping at Target and your everyday stores, but when there have been times that I’ve paid more for something it’s typically lasted longer than my normal purchases. It’s the same for your brand, when you create that high-quality service or product it is more likely to last longer for the consumer. Bringing more value and longevity creates that deeper connection with your brand, which in turn can cause your clients to want to come back for more. 

Emotional Meaning. 

People don’t buy from just price alone. There’s the reality element (better service, longevity, etc) but there’s also the emotional connection your ideal client has with your brand. What is the problem you know your ICA has that your business can solve? What does that deeper impact look like to you? Spending time identifying those deeper elements for your brand can help set the stage for the emotional meaning and impact you will have on your clients. 


Many beautiful common brands are viewed as well-made and being accessible to all. However, in the online space, many people look to mentors, guides, and coaches to define THEIR view of luxury. I’m here to tell you that your uniqueness will help define your brand. Mimicking, embodying someone else’s brand only dilutes your own. You have to not only find but accept your own quirks and the pieces of your brand that are unique and embrace them to the fullest. 

Client Experience. 

I speak on this a lot in my education programs and training, it’s been the bread and butter of my own business and my clients. Luxury brands usually have repeat business and clients. Why is that? Because their experience keeps bringing them back to that brand. Luxury clients are no stranger to the investment and expect client service to match. When you take the time to provide a luxury client experience it not only causes you to stand out above the rest, but it creates a deeper impact on who you’re serving, and why you’re doing it. 

In an industry where sales are the main focus (and very important), it’s also just as important to have a deeper understanding of not only what luxury branding is, but what it means for you and your business. We all have something unique to bring to the table. 

What’s yours? 


About the Author:  Hannah Nieves is the CEO and Founder of Hannah Nieves Consulting, a full-service creative consulting agency and education platform that helps luxury lifestyle brands elevate their brands, enhance their reputations and expand their revenue. Based out of New York, she helps recently established all the way up to multi-seven figure brands through her signature HN Trio – Marketing, Branding and PR. 

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