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A 6 month hybrid and hight-touch program designed for the visionary woman ready to supercharge her business.

Together, we'll build out your profitable and sustainable offer suite, launching offers you love, exactly the way you want. It's not just about the numbers; it's about seizing your freedom and leaving a lasting impact.

Are you ready for big-picture income, influence, and impact? Join us and redefine success on your terms.


the mini-mind

You’re not here by accident.

This isn’t just another pitstop on your entrepreneurial journey. This is where transformation happens, where women who know they’re made for more gather to scale, expand, and build a legacy.


It's for the woman whose ambition burns bright, who refuses to be boxed into conventionality.

If you've ever felt out of place, dreaming bigger than the world can comprehend, this is where you belong.

Expansion isn’t for
the faint of heart.

this program is

for you if

— You're an entrepreneur, an agency owner, or coach making consistent $5-8K months and know you're ready to scale. 

— You want to craft programs and offers you love and build out a well-oiled product suite to scale sustaibly.

— You want to create a marketing and sales strategy that is going to active your audience and create consistent leads and sales.

— You want to implement systems and refine your processes to increase efficiency, save time, and create a luxury client experience. 

—You want to lead your business with intention, have clear goals, and want a partner beside you to collaboratively navigate challenges and ensure growth that resonates with your values.

— You want to learn from someone (ME) with over 10 years of leadership-level experience creating high-level marketing campaigns, optimizing funnels, hosting online events, and running ads - responsible for millions in sales. 

— You’re ready to put in the work and apply my proven strategies & custom frameworks to get massive results & build a legacy.

- As an established service provider, agency owner, or coach making consistent $8-10K months, you're ready to scale and break through your income cap to lead a highly profitable multi-6 figure business.

— You're driven to craft stand-out programs and irresistible offers you love, launch them how you like, and build out a well-oiled product suite that generates income around the clock, even while you sleep, paving the way for financial freedom.

— You want to create an omni-channel marketing and sales strategy that is going to active your audience and create consistent leads and sales.

— You want to implement systems and refine your processes to increase efficiency, have your time back, and create a rave-worthy luxury client experience. 

—You want to lead your business with intention, have clear goals, and want a partner beside you to collaboratively navigate challenges and ensure growth that resonates with your values.

— You want to learn from someone (ME) with over 10 years of leadership-level experience creating high-level marketing campaigns, optimizing funnels, hosting online events, and running ads - responsible for millions in sales. 

— You’re ready to put in the work, crafting a custom strategy for your business &  apply my proven frameworks to get massive results & build a legacy.

If any of these sound like you,


is the program you need

join the waitlist

When you join EXPANSION, you're not just enrolling in a coaching program; you're committing to holistic business transformation.
Together, we'll dive into the essentials of a results-oriented attraction marketing strategy, ensuring you consistently attract and convert your ideal clients.

But we go beyond just marketing and sales. We'll dive deep into refining processes and crafting stand-out offers that  you love and that will allow you to scale with ease!This isn't a quick fix; it's a thorough, purpose, and sustainable plan we'll craft together to hit your goals and build a legacy!

From processes to offers to sales, we strategize, refine, and celebrate every achievement alongside you.

lauren, Brand Designer + Muralist

Rising from $3,000 to $14,000 months, with offers she loves, and high demand—grounded and thriving!

On the Path to $100K - Turning Goals into Reality!

Karli | Website + Branding Strategist

ECHO | Virtual assistant coach

Sold-Out Launch and Making $10K Months the New Standard.

Revamped Programs, Tripled Enrollment, and Regained Valuable Time.

Nadine | health + nutrition coach


What's included in


When you join Expansion, you're not just signing up for a program — you're gaining direct access to Tirzah's expertise and support. With two monthly private coaching calls, you'll have dedicated time to craft your game plan, track progress, brainstorm action steps, and tap into Tirzah's insights and guidance. It's like having your own personal strategist in your corner, helping you navigate challenges and seize opportunities as you propel your business forward.

Private 1:1 Coaching Calls w/ Tirzah


Weekly Assignments, Feedback Submissions, and Content Reviews

Show me what you've been working on—whether it's your latest offer map, plans for your suite, content drafts, or lead emails. Weekly i'll take a deep dive into your submissions, going through every detail, and giving you personalized feedback to help refine your work. It's not just about highlighting what's working well or what needs a little adjustment; it's about working together to polish and elevate every aspect. With this process, you're not navigating the business journey solo; you've got an experienced eye making sure every piece shines its best.


Mini-Mind Group Coaching Calls

Join a circle of ambitious women who are all about action and results. Our weekly hot-seat mentorship sessions are far from typical. Here, we dive in—no fluff, no sugarcoating. It's not just about getting a snippet of my time or asking a quick question. This is your strategy lab where we dissect challenges, brainstorm offers, and pave the path to automation and scaling. And it's not just my feedback you'll be tapping into; the power of this group is in the combined insights of every woman at the table. This is where we challenge each other, share non-fluff strategies, and elevate our game.


Exclusive Slack Community

Get involved in our community hub. It's more than just a chat room—it's your ultimate source of insights, strategies, and unwavering support. Ask questions, share victories, and connect with ambitious women who understand your journey. In our MiniMind Slack community, with only 8 women, it's a tight-knit group where you'll find the support you need. It's your go-to spot to network, submit your work for review, get feedback, and collaborate with fellow members.

Plus, you'll also have the opportunity to send private Slack messages for those mindset boosts and extra personalized support outside of our regular 1:1 calls. Because let's face it, sometimes you just need that extra bit of guidance or a pep talk, right? Consider it your direct line to me whenever you need it most.


Tirzah's Full Offer Suite + Access to the Resource Vault

Here's the scoop. As a member of this MiniMind, you're unlocking access to my entire arsenal. I'm talking about every course I've created, the tools, and resources I've honed not just for clients but for my own journey, and even those valuable guest expert trainings from the past. It's not just a bunch of stuff; it's a treasure trove.

These resources aren't just shiny distractions—they're your guide to profound insights and refined strategies. 


Guest Expert Trainings

Every single month, we ramp up your learning experience by bringing in top-notch guest experts to deliver specialized training. We're talking about everything from finances, taxes, and mindset to advertising, Pinterest strategies, killer copywriting, leadership, and more. These sessions are carefully curated to arm you with a comprehensive understanding. Dive deep into each topic, fire away with your questions, and soak up insights straight from the pros. It's not just about broadening your horizons—it's about mastering every single facet of your business journey.


For those who refuse to settle, for women who know they are made for more.


Goal Setting
Client Experience
Customer Journey Mapping
Offer Development
Offer Pricing + Sales Tracking
Lead Nurturing + Generation
Authority + Community Building
Marketing Strategy
Sales Strategy
Buyer Psychology
Content Planning + Production
Visibility + Networking Tactics
Automations + Systems

No stone left unturned

In this customized and direct support container you wont experience a niched/cookie-cutter formula. We'll craft a step-by-step plan to hit your unique goals working through key areas of your business like: 

From $1K Packages to $15K Floral Installations and Building a Thriving Team!

DEBRA | Event Florist

Dynamic Husband & Wife Duo - Achieving Financial Goals in Record Time & Biddinig Farewell to the 9 to 5 Grind!

Jessica + Doz | Wedding photo and video team

Camryn | Wedding + branding Photographer

Surpassing Her All-Time Monthly Revenue
with Confidence and Ease!


Get Started

Crushed Booking Goals & Highest
Revenue Month! 

Emily | Elopement Photographer

Marisa | weddinng photographer

Turning Job Loss during Covid into $13K in Just 8 Weeks, and Now Enjoying Consistent $8K+ Months!

Monica | Wedding Photographer

Scoring an amazing $37,000 in just 8 weeks and on track to reach a multi-six-figure business!

Meet Your Mentor

business + marketing coach. educator. leader

Hello, world-changer! I'm Tirzah Cave, and I'm here to elevate your business journey from good to iconic.

A little flashback: I stepped into the marketing-world with high aspirations and, a decade later, the results speak for themselves.

While my experience running high-caliber marketing campaigns has driven multi-millions in revenue for large corporate companies, my proudest achievements are wrapped up in the empire I've built from scratch.

In under two years, I sculpted a multi-six-figure coaching business, and it's not just numbers I'm passionate about. It's about the journey, the transformation, and the women i've been able to serve.

Having coached over 100 phenomenal female entrepreneurs, I've witnessed BIG dreams being turned into tangible realities time & again.

And let me be straight with you -
I'm a no-fluff coach (some even call me "a tough cookie")

With me, you're diving into a pool of realness. I have an eye for detail, an ear for concerns, a data-driven approach, and a voice that won't shy away from giving you the raw and real feedback you need to build a thriving business.

My mission?

To not just impart knowledge but to instigate action and drive real-results.

Overdelivering is my standard protocol. It's not just about the strategies and resources (though trust me, you'll get plenty of those); it's about bringing those plans to fruition and seeing the revenue (and with it freedom) soar.

If you're hunting for a mentor who blends experience with genuine care and a commitment to excellence, then the search ends here.

Buckle up, because with me, it's all about taking charge, implementing with purpose, and creating waves of change.

you feel it, don't you?

That inner pull saying you're destined for something greater.

Now is your chance to step into a life that’s as limitless as your dreams—packed with the freedom you crave, the impact you're born to make, and the financial rewards you deserve.

Don't just dream about changing your life and the lives of others—make it happen.

Why wait for the future when you can design it yourself?



press play

Karli | Website + Brand Designer

Jess + Doz | Photo + Video Team

Lauren | Brand Strategist

Melanie | Wedding Photographer

Meaghan | Social Media Manager

Heather | PR Agency Owner

Emly | Photographer

Marisa | Photographer




Echo | Virtual Assistant Coach

Joan | Fitness Coach


Still scrolling? You probably have questions.

let's dive in!

Who's the ideal fit for EXPANSION?

Expansion is specifically crafted for established service providers, agencies, and coaches who are already bringing in $8-10K months in their businesses and want to take things to the next level (aka re-occuring revenue, team expansion, multi-6-figure_ status).

If you're all about refining your offers, automating processes, nailing down marketing and sales strategies, reaching more people, and diving deep into personal and business growth, then Expansion is perfect for you!

When Are the Coaching Calls?

1:1 calls will be scheduled every other week, following an A/B schedule. For example, you would book your 1:1 call with Tirzah on either a Tuesday or Thursday, and then your next 1:1 call would be a week later on the alternate day. These personalized sessions are tailored to your specific needs and objectives, lasting for 60 minutes each.

Group calls are held every Thursday at 12 PM PST via Zoom. If you are unable to attend live, there's no need to worry—call recordings will be accessible for later viewing at your convenience. These sessions are designed to foster collaborative learning and discussion among participants. Each group session runs for 90 minutes, providing ample time for exploration and interaction. We encourage participants to pre-submit their questions, which allows for a more efficient and engaging discussion during the call.

How many hours per week do I need to dedicate to the program?

For the best outcomes and staying engaged, we suggest setting aside around 3-5 hours per week. This time includes attending calls, putting strategies into action, and taking moments for personal reflection.

Is This a Tax-Deductible Expense?

While we aren't tax professionals, in many cases, educational and coaching expenses related to your business can be tax-deductible. We recommend consulting with a tax professional or accountant for guidance specific to your situation.

How is this compared to working with Tirzah 1:1?

Tirzah offers a limited number of exclusive 1:1 coaching slots each year, starting at a base investment of $20,000. While this direct coaching offers intensive, personalized guidance, the Expansion MiniMind provides a comprehensive option for those craving individual attention alongside the perks of a group dynamic. By joining the MiniMind, you not only tap into Tirzah's expertise but also benefit from the collective wisdom of a handpicked community. This fusion of personalized feedback, group insights, and shared experiences is designed to deliver practical strategies and tangible results. If you're on the lookout for a well-rounded approach to business growth, blending personal coaching with collaborative community support, then the Expansion MiniMind is your strategic next move.

What is a MiniMind? How's it different than other programs?

A MiniMind is like having your own personal coach, but with the added bonus of being part of a supportive group. It's different from typical masterminds because it focuses on giving you tailored support from a coach while still allowing you to connect with other members.

You know how some programs pack in tons of people—like, we're talking anywhere from 50 to 200 folks—and it's hard to stand out or get the attention you need? Well, MiniMind keeps things smaller, so you can really get personalized guidance and feedback.

I chose to offer a MiniMind because I've been in those big programs, and honestly, it's tough to feel heard or get the help you're looking for. With MiniMind, you get the best of both worlds—a close-knit community and individualized support that's all about helping you reach your goals.

How is this compared to working with Tirzah 1:1?

Tirzah offers a limited number of 1:1 coaching slots each year, with a base investment starting at $20K. While this direct coaching provides intensive, personalized guidance, the Expansion Mastermind serves as a comprehensive avenue for those seeking both individual attention and the added benefits of a group setting. By joining the mastermind, you'll not only gain access to Tirzah's expertise but also the collective wisdom of a curated community. This combination of individual feedback, group insights, and shared experiences is structured to deliver actionable strategies and tangible results. If you're seeking a holistic approach to business growth with a blend of personal coaching and community collaboration, the Expansion Mastermind is the strategic and best next step for you.


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