Recently I looked back at my story archive and was BLOWN AWAY at the transformation

 … the way I show up now versus last year … the good offers I have created … the growth and increased engagement … the women I’ve had the privilege of coaching … the sold-out launches, cash injections, and long-term stacked income …But day-to-day ~ in the trenches of entrepreneurship ~ it is often hard to remember to look at “The Bigger Picture.”

What is that picture?  The truth that the small, daily, baby steps get you to where you want to be! Discipline leads to compound interest, which leads to your expanding success.

I am tempted to compare myself (toxically) with others and/or “My Ideal Self.”  So I get down on my progress and feel as if my daily efforts are leading me NOWHERE.

Way too often as biz owners we fail to reach the major goals we REALLY want to achieve because we are obsessed with looking, always & only, at the BIG PICTURE … when really we should be keeping our majority focus on the IMPORTANT, tiny, daily action steps. 

I love this quote from Peter Drucker:  “People often overestimate what they can accomplish in one year.  But they greatly underestimate what they could accomplish in five years.”  

See!  ➡️ Consistent action coupled with time guarantees lasting progress.


Just over a century ago there were two expedition teams racing to be the first to touch the South Pole.  Both were dealing with extreme life-threating circumstances, but the team leaders handled their strategies very differently.  

Team A decided to travel twenty miles every single day (on days the were feeling great, and not; on days that twenty miles was easy and when it was challenging).  Team B decided to go as far as they could each day (as it were, going with their emotions & adrenaline).

Maybe you know how this turned out?!  Team A arrived safely at their record-setting destination and returned home, while Team B reached the Pole only to face the crushing realization that the Norwegians had been there first, and he and his four men perished on the grueling return trip. The world was captivated by that quest for the South Pole, and to this day the race remains a widely popular Case Study for LEADERSHIP.  The difference between the two leaders (and so their teams’ pacing approaches) came down to DISCIPLINE.

Discipline helps you stay focused on reaching your long-term goals, discipline gives you the gumption to stick with & press through difficult tasks, and discipline enables you to overcome obstacles & discomforts as you push yourself to new heights and success!

Hey, 2020 wasn’t easy … but if I succeeded in any way, it had to do with having a mindset that, no matter what, I am going to … believe in myself … show up daily on Instagram … and serve my community & clients to the best of my ability.  I held onto these many days in a row, and now I get to celebrate 2020’s achievements

So, am I where I want to be?  NOT YET.  

Am I a perfect example?  SURE AS HECK NOT!  

Is it all business and NO fun?  NOPE. 

For a timely example, I just returned from a month of relaxing & vacationing with my new hubby and some new, dear friends in the Rockies. 

To sum this up, don’t forget about the the big & long-term power of tiny, daily actions.  Show up, serve, share, and connect DAILY …. because these disciplines eventually lead to celebrations!

The mountain in front of you might look HUGE right now, but I promise you that with enough daily steps, you will get to the top and over to the other side, and what a view you will be able to remember & share with others then!  

I believe in you, and I’m cheering you on … one step at a time!  


Tirzah Cave (Your friendly neighborhood marketing and sales coach)

Discipline And Your Success


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