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At TC Marketing, we understand the challenges and opportunities that come with being a brilliant and busy thought leader like you. We know that you have lives to change and money to make, and we're here to help you achieve remarkable success. As an extension of your team, we treat your business as if it were our own, and our commitment to your success is unwavering.

With our comprehensive range of marketing services, including strategic marketing strategies, content creation, funnel build-out, and targeted advertising we have the tools and resources to elevate your brand and drive exceptional growth. 

Let TC Marketing Agency be the team that takes everything you've built and amplify it with the power of digital marketing. Our collaborative approach and friendly nature make it easy for you to approach us with anything you need. We're not just here to provide marketing services, but also to become friends and trusted advisors who are fully dedicated to your success.

Together, let's maximize your business potential, reach new levels of success, and create an extraordinary brand that leaves a lasting impact.


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Content Management

Looking to bring your brand's content strategy to life and take it to the next level? We've got you covered!

Our Content Management package is specifically designed to help you unleash the potential of your brand without the hassle of hiring a full-time marketing manager.

We specialize in curating content that stands out in the crowded digital landscape, from engaging copy to visually striking visuals.

Our expert team combines creativity and strategy to create a winning formula that keeps your audience hooked and amplifies your brand's personality.

Welcome to a world where captivating content reigns supreme.

With our content creation and engagement strategies working in harmony, we'll help your community grow organically. By sparking conversations and encouraging interaction, we'll cultivate an engaged audience that sticks around and supports your brand.

You have more important things to focus on than second-guessing your content marketing efforts. Leave that to us! Our Content Management package ensures you can confidently navigate the content landscape while we handle the planning, creation, and execution. No more content-related stress for you!

Our journey begins with an in-depth audit of your social media accounts, enabling us to develop a tailored strategy to help your brand make its mark. Through highly shareable content, we'll help you create a strong brand presence that captivates your audience and sets you apart from the competition.

We know you want to stand out from the crowd, and we're here to help. Through momthly brainstorming sessions, we'll collaboratively develop unique and authentic content ideas that keep your brand's voice fresh and distinct. No cookie-cutter approaches here!

Features and Benefits

Organically Grow Your Community:

Confidently Conquer Content Marketing:

Forge a Strong Brand Presence: 

Escape the Cookie-Cutter Content Trap: 


Content Management 

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Tirzah's innovative marketing strategies and shift to digital advertising resulted in a significant increase in charter school admissions, attracting over 700 new students within a short span of six months.

By uniting the Web and Media Teams and establishing clear goals and expectations, Tirzah fostered a collaborative environment that enhanced team productivity by 45%.

Through the implementation of SEO, Google Ads, Facebook and email marketing, landing pages, and public relation events, Tirzah effectively targeted and engaged a wide audience, driving enrollment growth and generating more than $1 million in revenue.

Josiah Jerome | Newman International Academy Charter School District Leader

"Tirzah helped draw in a net increase of more than one million dollars in revenue for the 2019/20 school year."

Strategic Funnel

Our comprehensive funnel services cover everything from designing to implementing high-converting lead magnet, virtual event,  course funnels. Let us take the weight off your shoulders as we deliver a finely tuned funnel that drives quality traffic and converts leads into loyal customers. With our strategic funnel buildouts, you can focus on revenue-generating activities while we handle the nitty-gritty of implementation.

At our agency, we specialize in the art of Strategic Funnel Buildouts, where meaningful connections and conversions take center stage. Our team of experts excels at designing captivating lead magnet funnels, crafting engaging virtual events, and creating high-converting course funnels. With our finely tuned strategies, you can rest assured that your funnel will drive quality traffic and transform leads into loyal, paying customers.

No more worries about implementation and engagement. Leave the intricacies of your funnel to us, while you focus on conquering the revenue-generating realm. Elevate your success and watch your business thrive with our expert funnel services.

It's time to step into the spotlight and unleash the true potential of your brand. 

Step into the Spotlight of Funnel Success

Our strategic funnel buildout service lays the groundwork for success with a seamless and tailored blueprint. Craft the perfect funnel for lead magnets, engaging virtual events, and resonant course funnels that captivate your audience.

Get ready to welcome quality traffic to your funnels and turn leads into loyal customers. With our expert strategies, we ensure that your funnel is optimized to maximize conversions and boost your bottom line, driving your business to new heights.

Let go of the nitty-gritty of implementation and focus on what you do best. Our dedicated team will handle the technical aspects, from design to execution, leaving you free to concentrate on revenue-generating activities that propel your business forward.

Features and Benefits

Seamless Funnel Blueprint: 

Drive Quality Traffic and Conversions: 

Streamlined Implementation: 

community activation

funnel building

"Our organization would not be what it is today without her contributions and expertise."

Lisa McFarland | Nonprofit Founder + Coach

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Tirzah implemented a highly effective marketing strategy across platforms, resulting in a tripled increase in program donations.

Her successful rebranding efforts, led by Tirzah, raised awareness and secured greater financial support for the organization's programs.

Working closely with the team, Tirzah captivated and engaged with younger demographics, making the organization more relevant and impactful.

Tirzah's compelling press releases and video campaigns left a lasting impression on diverse audiences, contributing to the overall success of the organization

FB + IG Advertising

Unlocking the power of social media ads is my specialty. With experience managing $30K ad budgets and leading results for $250K  accounts, Tirzah is your go-to expert. We'll create and optimize highly effective ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, continuously refining them to maximize clicks and ROI. Together, let's turn casual observers into loyal brand enthusiasts

Welcome to the realm of advertising mastery, where my expertise and results speak for themselves. With a proven track record of delivering remarkable 5-6X return on ad campaigns, I specialize in helping businesses like yours achieve outstanding results. I bring a deep understanding of your business, target audience, and goals to develop highly optimized strategies that captivate and convert. Get ready to witness the power of strategic ads that drive tangible business growth.

Ignite Your Business with Strategic Ads

I'll identify and target your ideal audience with precision, ensuring that your ads reach the right people at the right time. By leveraging demographic, interest, and behavioral data, we'll maximize the impact of your ad spend and attract high-quality leads.

Crafting captivating ad copy and eye-catching visuals is my specialty. I'll create compelling content that grabs attention, tells your brand story, and motivates viewers to take action. From headlines that stop scrollers in their tracks to compelling calls-to-action, your ads will leave a lasting impression.

Your ad campaigns will never stagnate under my watch. I'll closely monitor their performance, analyzing data and making data-driven optimizations to maximize clicks, conversions, and ROI. By staying agile and proactive, we'll ensure your ads deliver exceptional results throughout their lifespan.

Stay informed about the progress and impact of your ad campaigns with comprehensive reporting and insights. I'll provide regular updates, highlighting key metrics, and providing actionable recommendations to further enhance your advertising strategy.

Features and Benefits

Strategic Audience Targeting: 

Compelling Ad Copy and Creative:

Continuous Optimization:


Advertising container

Transparent Reporting and Insights:

"Tirzah helped us have one of the highest revenue generating years we've ever had at Brave Thinking Institute."

Mary Morrisey | Founder of Brave Thinking Institute + Author

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Tirzah optimized marketing funnels, driving quality leads to the phone sales team and achieving record-breaking sales months.

She led the development, launch, and implementation of highly successful $500K 5 Day Challenges, resulting in over $3 million in revenue generated during 2021-2022.

Tirzah played a pivotal role in achieving one of the highest revenue-generating years at Brave Thinking Institute, contributing to the organization's overall success.

Taking ownership of the number one division, Tirzah dialed up the focus, team, processes, and results, transforming it into the model that all other divisions were asked to emulate.

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Our mission extends beyond simply generating revenue - our true foundation is grounded in making a difference

Our founder's roots are deeply embedded in the nonprofit sector and ministry work, having a profound passion for missions. But here's the interesting part - we can make a difference in missions right from the marketplace! Hence, we have committed to allocating a part of our earnings from every endeavor - be it coaching, courses, or marketing services - to nonprofits dedicated to nurturing, advocating for, equipping, and empowering women.

As your business flourishes with our marketing support and proven strategies, we all ascend together - our online communities, local communities, and the entire world. When you grow, we all grow, triggering a ripple effect of positive change!

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