For established businesses with immense targets to hit 

Leverage proven principles to reach your goals and increase your ROI

Many businesses hit an income ceiling in their company and they’re lost on how to break through to the next level of revenue. Some try more of these unprepared and desperate measures such as:

  • Over-hiring 
  • Generic Ad Campaigns
  • Adding competing services 

but your revenue stays stagnant.

So often, as CEOs of companies, the visionary work gets lost. You're trying to manage the day-to-day operations—and you can’t expand your business, when you’re not looking at your growth strategy from an outside and holistic perspective.

This consulting is for entrepreneurs, who know it’s time to stop dabbling with small, unreliable strategies. Those who are ready to cultivate a larger picture of their company. We want to enhance your vision so you can experience major expansion.

The strategies we implement together are not entry-level or basic. We help design top-notch strategies used by top-level companies.

These strategies have worked to support companies that annually generate more than 40 million in sales.

These strategies and the support you’ll receive help to create the momentum to get you to where you want to be. 

Disclaimer: This container and my support isn’t for everyone. This is for committed business owners who are serious about doing hard work and want to shatter their own income ceilings. 

This is for companies who are done thinking small and are ready for multiple 6 and 7 figures of revenue.

If you aren’t fully committed to your dream, if you aren’t willing to put in the work, if you are looking for a silver bullet or an easy option, this isn’t for you. 

I want you to have long term results and to find the power within yourself to create and sustain your business legacy.

My part?

I’m here to guide you. Using proven business education models and tools, you will begin to  thrive. 

let's work together

I’m Tirzah, marketing consultant and business strategist.

I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs and companies get hung up on revenue growth. This often comes from a lack of momentum, support, and proven strategies. These are necessary if you want to reach your audacious goals. 

I’m here to help you find ways to scale without adding more work to your already loaded to-do list and close the gap on your customer journey.

I bring an extensive background in funnels, ads, list building, and processes for scaling to help you show up strong with a message that effortlessly attracts your ideal customer.

Development Director

Insight Women's Center

  • Launched & Managed a Campus Organization
  • Worked with The Board & Executive Director to implement PR + Marketing Initiatives 
  • Planned & Executive Fundraising Events
  • Represented the agency in civic organizations and public forums to enhance development efforts
  •  Developed and maintained strong relationships with key contacts within the community. 

Biggest Result:

Reached our goal of securing $100K in fundraising to purchase a new building. 

District Marketing Coordinator

Newman International Academy Charter School

  • Designed and developed team marketing strategy across all platforms
  • United Web and Media Teams, creating a collaborative calendar and developing clear goals and expectations for each. 
  • Implemented SEO, Google Ads, Facebook and email marketing, a landing page + enrollment funnel and public relation events. 
  • Utilized brand research, competitive analysis, campaign reviews, client digital funnels, promo video production, task management systems, branding and marketing, and fundraising to approach this goal.

Biggest Result:

Enrollment increased by 700 students bringing in more than One million in revenue within five months. 

Ads Manager

Hirsh Marketing Agency

  • Understanding and developing the strategies for 7-Figure+ online campaigns and intricate client funnels.
  • Optimizing advertising campaigns for the lowest possible cost per result and overall positive ROI daily.
  • Proactively developing and optimizing creative and funnel strategies to consistently drive high-quality leads, traffic, and visibility.

Biggest Result:

  • Employee or the Month in August 2019 
  • Awarded Top ROI % for the Agency (5000% for a client's launch)

Digital Marketing Director

Warring Dove International

  •  Designed and Developed marketing strategy across all platforms
  • Email Marketing & Newsletter Updates
  • Lead Overall Branding Design & Strategy for the Organization 
  • Developed and Management of An Online Membership  
  • Development & Trainings for Marketing Team Systems & Procedures

Biggest Result:

The donation base tripled for the outreach programs within 12 months.

Divisional Marketing Manager

Brave Thinking Institute

  • Set the vision, developing the strategies and ensuring timely execution of campaigns to exceed performance efficiency goals. 
  • Developed strategy to continually improve performance of each campaign and promotion within the division. 
  • Collected, organize and analyze strategies, marketing activity and assets, brand positioning, programs and pricing of leading players in our (or adjacent) industries. 
  • Bridged the gap between strategy and results. Turning strategic marketing initiatives and concepts into a plan of execution that provides the clear vision and requirements to execute effectively. 
  • Reached new audiences through scalable ad campaigns and other traffic sources to drive greater awareness, interest and leads for our programs, while exceeding ROI goals. 
  • Interviewed, Developed, and Managed the Coach Certification Team

My Journey

Every step of my journey - every company, position held, and every team lead has helped shape me into the marketer, strategist, and consultant that I am today.

I am a pursuer of growth, education, and personal development. I believe that life & experiences aren't compartmentalized but only compound upon each other into a larger ripple effect. 

I am honored to have worked in leadership positions in varying niches - helping companies expand their impact & income. I am even more thankful, that I can bring real world experience and tested and proven strategies into my consulting containers.

All this experience has given me a desire to see my clients reach their goals as well.

Currently employed and working to create high-impacts results.

I'm in! Sign me up!

My knowledge is from a combination of both corporate experience and my own entrepreneurial journey.

My passion and talent lies within developing diverse and innovative marketing strategies and implementing branding campaigns that effectively target the desired audience.

I'm adept in utilizing analytics, market research, and funnel optimization to drive profits and exceed goals in a condensed timeline.

I’m here to be a supportive extension of your team and bring you proven strategies and implement "out of the box" ideas to enjoy lasting results. 


  • I’ve worked for a company with clients on the roster at the time like Rachel Hollis, Gabby Bernstein, Amy Porterfield, and Gemma Bonham. 
  • I’ve successfully built and promoted several offers generating upwards of $30K-86K launches.
  • I’ve supported dozens of female entrepreneurs in surpassing their income goals faster than they expected—even doubling and tripling their income in under a year. 
  • I supported a company in generating more than one million in revenue within 5 months of strategies implemented. 
  • I've spoken at a national conference to train hundreds of businesses on revenue building tactics. 
  • I've managed events & online launches that have generated more than $300,000 in revenue.

Justin & Jessica
Photography + Videography

It's impossible to overstate the value of your programs. It feels trite to say we got our monies worth, because we got so much more than that. It's a totally different lifestyle and trajectory. A different 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year forecast for our lives."

John Nichols | Franchise Owner

I have come to know Tirzah as a strong leader with a very positive outlook. She managed all aspects of our small business including hiring, scheduling, inventory management, merchandising, local store marketing, employee management and training, customer service, etc. I recommend her with confidence and she will be asset to any organization and her presence will produce value on many levels. 

Heather Lovato | PR Agency Owner

I decided to work with Tirzah for this phase of my business because I really wanted someone who would be in it with me. To challenge me, keep me accountable. Someone to be the tough coach but also someone who could inspire me. She is exploding my brain. She has challenged me to start new Services. I'm redoing my website. I got to a place where I was financially ready to hire my director of PR! I can't even imagine running my business without her .. that's how important she is to me! 

Mindy Hancock | Mindset Coach

I highly recommend working with Tirzah, you will not regret it! Because of the stellar support from her, I was able to successfully fill and run my group coaching program, and fill up my next round of 1:1 coaching. This led me to my biggest booked sales month at over $6k! She never holds back with the value & support she is willing to give her clients. Tirzah is an amazing coach that listens, understands where you are, and truly helps customize things to work for you! 

Emily Zur | Wedding Photographer

I just want to thank Tirzah Cave for helping me shift my mind and move my business to the next level. Working with her, I have literally hit my biggest sales month the first month of January and I am already halfway through my yearly goal, and it's only the second month of 2021. I have actually worked less, rested more, and made more money. She taught me how to work smarter, not harder. She taught me that I am my OWN boss. She taught me how to cater to only MY dream clients. She taught me systems that freaking work.

Bridgit Smith
Women's Center Executive Director

Tirzah had many outstanding contributions to our marketing, and fundraising efforts. As one of our Board Members commented, "Tirzah's talents took our social media and direct mailing efforts to the next level." 
I highly recommend Tirzah McFarland for employment. She is an extraordinary person and has the potential of taking your organization to the "next level.” 


Your trust is not something I take lightly, neither is your business success.

 I will treat your business as if it were my own and help you identify ways to leverage your time, energy, and money to grow strategically. 

It’s both a privilege and an honor to be able to use my passion to help you achieve new levels of success.

I’m here to help you prioritize and focus your efforts and attention on the right tasks that bring in a return on your investment. 

Ready to get started?

As a client,
you are my priority.


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  • Reach new audiences through scalable marketing efforts 
  • Generate more sales through high-converting funnels 
  • Drive greater awareness, interest, and leads for your programs
  • Identify stuck points and gaps in marketing campaigns to start increasing your ROI
  • Execute creative and innovative campaigns through completion in a timely manner
  • Optimize any underperforming areas of your business

This is how we breakthrough revenue plateaus and achieve your goals in a condensed timeline, no more guesswork required.