You’re scrolling the gram and seeing the success of your fellow entrepreneur and wonder to yourself, “How did they achieve that level of success.”

The answer? 

An incredible amount of work on the back end of their businesses, setting scary goals but creating action plans to achieve them. Understanding boundaries are important and healthy to have as business owners, knowing how important it is to have solid systems, and not being afraid to look their money straight in the face.

After hitting $200K in my business, I began to look back on the habits and traits I had developed in my journey.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching dozens of 6-figure + aspiring HERpreneurs by helping them scale their businesses and have realized they shared a lot of these habits & traits as well.

While everyone’s biz journey is unique, there are some common practices that have worked for me and so many other 6-figure CEOs – so heck, they’re worth a shot right??

Let’s talk about them, better yet incorporate & implement them! Here’s 5 Habits Of 6-Figure CEO’s ⬇️

  1. Understanding that TIME > everything else: Boundaries, saying no more, crafting offers that serve but give time back, focusing on strategies that work VS. doing busy work

The 6-figure HERPreneur is international with her day, time, offers, launches, collabs & everything she does. 

They create space to relax, celebrate their wins, unplug and recharge because they know it’s necessary AND They’ve worked hard and can afford to!

  1. Knowing Her Numbers: The Six Figure CEO doesn’t dread looking at her bank account because she knows she has to get comfortable looking at numbers and setting financial goals to get in that financial abundance mindset.

CEO’s set aside time and/or outsource their finance tracking to a CPA or bookkeeper because knowing where every penny is going is IMPORTANT. This isn’t a hobby anymore, she needs to know if she’s profitable or NOT.

  1. A 6 Figure CEO PRIORITIZES: From daily tasks to goals to client experience, the six-figure- CEO knows how to prioritize her days to make sure she’s consistently showing up where it matters most and leaves the rest for when she has time. 
  1. Building a COMMUNITY: A six-figure HERPreneur knows that her net worth relies (largely) on her network. 

These CEOs surround themselves with other women who are similar so they can rise together. 

Success leaves clues.

  1. Working SMARTER not HARDER: The Six-Figure HERpreneur has her automation and systems in place. 

She puts referral programs and passive offers at the top of her priorities list. Instead of DIYing everything, she gets a team of experts to help scale her business. 

I know these aren’t the bright and shiny things we see when scrolling the gram. 

Remember usually what we see is the OUTCOME of all of the hard work put into a business behind the scenes. Implementing solid systems, creating healthy business boundaries, knowing what and how to prioritize, creating community, these are the foundations to your business growth.


Your Coach Tirzah

I love helping female entrepreneurs develop + execute high-converting strategies to attract their dream clients & income so they can build a business and LIFE they love. Let’s be Insta-Friends!


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