Start the New Year off right, use this blog like a personal business audit!

Learn How to Connect with Your Audience, Create Content that Converts, and Work on Your Client Journey together this year…

CONNECT: How to Proactively Connect with Your Target Audience

So you’ve been creating content like you’re ‘supposed’ to, but your audience just isn’t buying. Your audience isn’t growing. You feel like throwing in the towel on this content creation thing, ’cause it’s just not working.

Here’s the hard truth… If you’re waiting for people to find you instead of proactively attracting raving fans ready to buy from you, you’re doing yourself a disservice. All that time you spend waiting could be spent curating relationships with your dream customers and clients.

If you are ready to STOP sitting back posting & praying that people find you and are ready to take action & take control of your marketing, SAVE THIS BLOG!

Here are some of the proven ways my clients have grown their audiences this past year👇🏼

➡️ Leveraging Reels & Short-Form Video Formats

➡️ Diversifying Their Social Presence (yes there’s more than just IG 🤯)

➡️ Joining & Engaging in Lead Pools 🏊‍♀️ (groups with potential clients inside)

➡️ Collaborations w/ other Complimentary Industry Guest Experts

➡️ Referral Programs & Tapping Into Your Network

➡️ The “Hey There Method” (aka pro-actively finding leads & engaging with them on social)

CONVERT: Creating Content that Converts Your Target Audience to Customers

Coming up with ideas for content is hard enough, but when it comes to creating content that actually makes your audience want to spend their cold-hard-cash on YOU? Well, that’s a whole other ball game!

However hard it may seem at first (throwing spaghetti at the wall, much??), knocking content out of the park *IS* possible when you know what TYPES of content actually make your audience want to buy from you. Here are some proven types of content that my clients and I have used to SUCCESSFULLY bring in sales through the ‘Gram & emails👇🏼

➡️ Problem-aware content

➡️ Solution-aware content

➡️ Social Proof content

➡️ Storytelling content

➡️ Objection-crushing content

➡️ Trust-building content

➡️ Sharable content

No matter what phase you are at in your business, amping up your content game can be the catalyst for getting you seen by even MORE amazing prospects. Try out each of these types to uncover with your own audience which types they respond to best! (Because every audience is different!)

CREATE: Creating a  Client Journey That Makes Working With You a No-Brainer

If you haven’t focused much time or energy on cleaning up your client journey OR practicing your pitch, let me share this quick story to encourage you to do it TODAY…

I recently had a coaching call with a client who noticed she was getting a lot of applications but losing a LOT of clients at the sales call part of the journey 😩. So frustrating! She knew that what she had to offer was perfect for her prospects, but the fact that they would drop off after the sales call was a sure sign that there was a disconnect at that part of the client journey.

So, we hopped on a call to refine her pitch & sales strategy. Within 45 min we had practiced and figured out the blind spots. & within 48 hours she’d locked in 2 clients – that’s $4K+ in sales! 🤯🤯🤯

Auditing your processes & making these small-but-mighty adjustments can be the difference between you and your next 5-figure day. So, stop leaving that money on the table & start auditing your client’s journey!

I hope this personal business audit has helped you go into this New Year with new ideas & strategies for you and your business. Happy New Year!


Your Coach Tirzah

I love helping female entrepreneurs develop + execute high-converting strategies to attract their dream clients & income so they can build a business and LIFE they love. Let’s be Insta-Friends!*

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