So many of us have this belief that the only way to make MORE money is if we work HARDER. 

But I’m here to share some *NEW* info with you…

✨You don’t always have to WORK HARDER — most of the time, it’s about WORKING SMARTER ✨

Working smarter, not harder means having a clear strategy to prioritise your most important activities so you end each productive day feeling satisfied rather than overwhelmed, overcommitted, frustrated, and overworked. Everyone has their definition of working smarter, not harder.

In the beginning of doing anything NEW it may seem like you have to work long hours to meet your goals. And yes – you DO have to work hard. You do have to put in the time and the effort to grow your biz. 

WHY? Because you’re building momentum! It takes more energy to build & start something. 

BUT……There comes a point in your business when you’ve built the dream. & You’re at a financial place where you can step more into CEO vs. DIYing & wearing every hat (even if they are cute AF).

There’s a point where realize you’re just one person and you can’t take on any additional work (hello burnout!)… but you still dream of hitting those $10k months… but how??

There are few steps to take to achieve this:

1️⃣ Focus on the RIGHT tasks (CEO-tasks) and outsource to expand!

So often we can fill our plate up (our to-do list) with SO MANY THINGS but in reality 99% aren’t a priority, a CEO task or or a money-making activity.

As a CEO we have to protect our time and make sure that we are prioritizing the correct tasks. With only so many hours in the day there are certain tasks as a CEO we must do, the others if we have the ability can be outsourced or passed on to a team of experts.

Here’s an example of CEO tasks:

  1. Deciding on a strategic direction for the company.
  2. Being the public face of the company.
  3. Networking and building your community
  4. Making your clients experience EPIC and memorable
  5. Planning your biz expansions (offers, funnels, multi-streams of revenue)

I know it’s easy to think we need to do it ALL (I use to be a DIY kinda lady too – but there comes a time that we realize we cannot do it all and we don’t have too).

Focus on what you need to  and pass the paton and outsource the rest – this way you truly can EXPAND your empire.

I know that outsourcing can feel scary, because no one will do it quite like you, but relieving your plate of responsibilities and outsourcing the things you can give guidance on VS doing them so you can focus on the money making tasks (like the framework of your next program or course) will make a huge difference.

2️⃣ Scale your business through high-ticket & high transformation and put in place recurring income.

Stop waiting to charge premium prices – this is one of the best ways to scale your biz. Detached YOUR PERSONAL WORTH from your price and instead think like a BOSS.

Have you sat down with your current services or program offerings and broke down the pricing? Is your pricing only based off of the hourly amount of work you think you’ll work to produce the product or service?

You would be surprised by how many conversations I’ve had with business owners where they hadn’t thought about the profit margins of their services or offers.

Here is a tip to get you started when reevaluating the pricing of your services or program offers:

Calculate the value + add on profit margin. It’s time to correct charge for the value inside of your offers + if you’re struggling to sell more often it’s not about PRICE TAG but more a communication or targeting issue. 

That’s where I come in

Secondly – there’s some ways you can stack re-occuring revenue.

Here’s some KEY ways:

  1. Create longer term contracts & programs – this provides a peace of mind that you will have re-occuring income for a certain length of time and remove the worry that you may have to come up with a new client within 30 days. 
  2. Offer more extended payment plan options for your customers – this provides you the opportunity to work with more people and opens your programs up to be accessible to more people. 
  3. Strategically launch your offers so your current clients have time to consider an upgrade – In my experience, by creating offers not just spaced out well from a launch perspective but with the ability for clients to upgrade helps retain clients and build your community, having offers that can grow with your clients as they grow to the next level in their business.

3️⃣ Create passive revenue streams & setup automations

DFY is great … but nothing like getting paypal ping sale notifications when you wake up in the morning.

Think about what you can pull out from your current offers and put into a digital resource? What BIG problem you can solve DIGITALLY for your community?

Whether it be an excel resources, templates, or WISDOM from your brains communicated through slides on canva – there’s ample opportunities for you to make a 1 TOO MANY offer that can transform not only your ideal clients lives but yours.

Think about where you were in your business journey a year ago, or when you were first starting out? What resources could you provide to help the older version of you as a business owner? 

The answer to that question could easily be a digital product resource you could create for your community. 

Interested in learning more about passive offers check out this LIVE replay to learn 3 of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs making when it comes to creating & launching passive offers.


Your Coach Tirzah

I love helping female entrepreneurs develop + execute high-converting strategies to attract their dream clients & income so they can build a business and LIFE they love. Let’s be Insta-Friends!


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